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Customer loyalty and employee benefits are of paramount importance to SME owners. Providing a tailored service to both can give them a key advantage over competitors unable to offer the same level of service. Giving customers the option of instalment payments or reward cards to gain discounts can impact the bottom line. You will recieve 50–70% of residual income based on the pay structure you select. Unlike other merchant white label partner programs, there is no basis points off the top for BIN sponsorship or for what they call hidden losses. Our sales partners earn more residual income with our 50/50 partner program than you would with our competition who claim to offer a higher percentage because thier interchange cost (buy rate) is higher.

They will also provide support and gratefully accept input to better their operation. If you are interested in a white-label payment processing solution from Tranzzo, contact us at or on Facebook. A white-label corporate credit card benefits employees and employers when integrated into an enterprise expense management programme.

White Label Payment Gateways in Australia

Whether you are an offline or online merchant, it is most likely that you deal with credit card processing on a daily basis. While many sellers disregard the complex algorithm that launches after the client clicks the “Pay” button, it is best to know how it works. Regardless of your business type or industry, Payneteasy can provide you with the payment solution that will fit your specific needs. With our program, you’ll be able to market under your own brand, without paying costly fees! Your brand will be seen on the partner portal, marketing communications, merchant statements, and more. Y2Payments works with resellers who want to provide a robust payment platform to clients and your business network.

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Stellar Cyber Launches First Partner Program for Resellers ….

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Most resellers will appreciate placing their businesses on a list of the best in the industry and marketing them as such. It is possible to set up a white-label payment gateway that will allow you to build a store for each of your customers if they sell products for you rather than themselves. Such systems are often used by businesses such as online retailers, e-commerce apps, gaming platforms, and system providers. Any organization that wants to accept online payments should consider one. If you are considering using a white-label payment gateway offering, you’d, naturally, want to settle on the most suitable option. The optimal strategy would be to partner with companies, offering all four “flavors” of white-label solutions, and, thus, allowing you to switch from one level to another.

What Types of Merchants can be put on the Gateway?

It eliminates costly and time-consuming manual processes for everyday occurrences like expense reporting and payroll management. With some sales jobs, you don’t even have the option for medical coverage. With the SMG white label program, you’ll have the resources that you need to provide healthcare coverage to you and your family at an affordable rate. We take care of our own, and when you are in our program you will have access to these benefits. We offer a performance-based fast start bonus that is payable for anyone that onboards more than the standard threshold of clients in the first 4 months. This program is designed to reward those experienced sales members that join our team and quickly learn how to sell this product.

  • We offer a ready-made IT infrastructure, a set of trending payment methods, 24/7 support, all the needed licenses and certificates.
  • It requires large investments and many days spent on development, integrations, and certifications.
  • You would need to hire employees with experience in clearing and payments which could take months.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs can opt for white label solutions instead of manufacturing their products. White label providers create all sorts of tools and services to be rebranded and resold by other companies. Are you looking for an improved way to accept payment transactions but have no time for long integrations and onboarding?

Comprehensive Guide to Credit Card Processing

Every business owner aims to provide a top-notch shopping experience for the clients. While excellent customer support and the quality of products and services delivered are extremely important, no commercial platform would be successful without decent payment security measures. One of the essential tools to conduct and safeguard the purchases at your store is a payment gateway.

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In such situations the fourth “flavor” of white-label payment gateway can be used. Just like many concepts in merchant services industry, the term “white-label payment gateway” is loosely used to describe several different things. Payneteasy is here to facilitate the creation of an efficient and user-friendly payment platform for every business. Our payment gateway will ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers, minimize fraud risks, and significantly increase the conversion rate.

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IXOPAY has a 24-hour service line that offers client support whenever needed. The correct answer is “anyone you want,” but not every provider necessarily agrees. Make sure that the payment gateway offers you the freedom to board the merchants you want to do business with and provide services to the vertical(s) you do business in. Increased Customer Loyalty – For businesses already enjoying happy and satisfied customers, adding this type of complementary solution to their existing services will improve their customer’s reliance on them. Consequently, customers will be more likely to stick around for the long haul.

What is white label fintech?

A white label fintech platform refers to a ready-made financial technology solution that can be customized and rebranded by financial institutions or fintech companies as their own.

Payment service providers can use the IXOPAY white label solution to create their own merchant and user accounts and set up individual payment methods for each merchant. With your company branding taking center stage, you can provide an exceptional service that will strengthen your https://traderoom.info/find-hire-developers-for-your-startup/ industry standing. The IXOPAY risk engine will give you peace of mind, with its customizable risk rules and state-of-the-art fraud prevention. In choosing to white label with IXOPAY, you can save time and money on development that can instead be put into growing your business.

The main conceptual advantage of a white label gateway is that it allows you to save resources otherwise spent on development of a full-fledged gateway solution. As a result, you can dedicate more effort to your core products/ services. Development of your own payment gateway solution from scratch is a costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. It requires large investments and many days spent on development, integrations, and certifications. If you go with a white label payment gateway solution, the only thing you need to do is configure it properly.

  • Many payment gateways provide APIs that allow websites, point-of-sale devices, business software and even mobile applications to integrate and send transactions directly to the gateway for authorization.
  • With the SMG white label program, you’ll have the resources that you need to provide healthcare coverage to you and your family at an affordable rate.
  • Under the basic white-label payment gateway service arrangement, you are using a shared gateway instance that can be used by other merchants/ISOs.
  • In the meantime, the merchant gets to enjoy all its benefits without worrying about the tech aspects of the gateway.

Several white-label payment gateways allow you to offer clients the option of using a credit card with your company brand name. They can use the card anywhere (while you earn rewards each time they do so). If you’re helping prospective entrepreneurs develop online enterprises, particularly eCommerce businesses, The white label payment solution will be beneficial for your customers to accept payment. Companies that build online gaming platforms and rent them out or sell them off to entrepreneurs for a profit benefit, too, like gaming websites and a white label casino. White label payment gateways operate in much the same way as other white label products. They allow firms to process payments under their own brand name while using the technology of a third-party provider.

What is white label ecommerce solution?

White labeling is when one company buys its product from another company and rebrands it as their own. The company which sells the final product to the consumer is usually not involved in the manufacturing process.

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