Not only do the benefits of different types of ties vary with their age19, but people also benefit from changing their network position20,21,22, adding new ties23,24 and reconnecting with dormant ties25. Bluescape is an online whiteboard and virtual workspace that works best for creative teams. The tool offers built-in voice and video conferencing, and supports real-time feedback for design reviews. In a world where the hybrid work model has become the norm, you’ll want to use the best remote collaboration software to stay in touch with your remote team. It’s much easier to have things lost in the shuffle or email purgatory, but with the right tools this shouldn’t be a worry. Conquering challenges together is part of what makes teamwork rewarding, but remote collaboration doesn’t have to be one of them.

  • Slack integrates seamlessly with Wrike, allowing you to share tasks and work collaboratively without breaking a sweat.
  • Whether working from home or in a co-working space, employees need to connect in real-time.
  • Smartsheet is a scalable tool that allows you to work on anything from a small project to end-to-end project management.
  • This remote collaboration tool can be used efficiently managing notes and information while with team members of a project.
  • Once they get into the swing of things, they’ll never want to go back.
  • Let’s take a look at some of the best file sharing platforms you’ll want to leverage for sharing files with other people in your business.

I really like that it has a time tracking feature, so I don’t have to download a separate app for it. Blinq also allows businesses to control the brand ID of each card.


Store digital brand assets such as videos, GIFs, social media banners, and more with this easy-to-use remote work technology. Juggling multiple projects at the same time is a reality for many managers. Get a clear picture of progress and gain overall project visibility by mapping JIRA issues to Wrike tasks, sub-tasks, and projects. Satisfy your customers by implementing a highly focused customer relationship management software solution with a simple and easy-to-use customer interface. Achieve business success when you align marketing, sales, and customer service functions in a single tool.

Yammer is a Microsoft-owned platform that is used to improve company communication & foster a more friendly & open work environment. It’s a crucial tool for team members to connect with other company teams & external partners. The right time management software can empower you and your crew to work more effectively, make better use of your time, and get a better handle on your schedule. Ideaflip allows new users to create up to three boards for free —but once you use up your free boards, you’ll need to sign up for a basic plan, which starts at $9 USD per month.

Best Remote Collaboration Software for Hybrid Teams in 2022

This makes them a must-have tool not only during the present COVID-19 pandemic but even during normal situations. With the right set of tools, you can empower your team members to be creative, productive, and collaborative—no matter where they’re working. Clearly, remote collaboration tools are a must—both to empower your team’s best work and to keep your business moving forward while your team is working remotely. But remote collaboration tools are only as effective as you and your team make them—and if you want them to benefit your team and your business, you have to be strategic and thoughtful in how and when you use them. Strong evidence exists to support the use of remote team tools. For instance, GitLab has 1200 employees working remotely across 27 different countries.

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We may earn a commission when you click through links on our site — learn more about how we aim to stay transparent. I get a ton of it, and I’m terrible at it, so if you send me a really important email, bump it at the end of the day or send me a text message. By submitting this newsletter request, I consent to Slack US sending me marketing communication via email. Since information is constantly added, updated and altered, wikis can get unwieldy when you’re not careful. Luckily, Notion has a Slack integration that sends your team a notification when someone makes a noteworthy change. ✓ Automatic Check-InsBasecamp makes checking in with your team daily or weekly easy. Automate notifications to team members with the right question and timing.

Rules for Successful Virtual Team Collaboration

That said, new employees may find it more difficult to keep up with what others are working on and stay motivated. They’re also more likely to report feelings of loneliness or isolation. These factors can have a negative effect on productivity, belonging and collaboration.

What is the best way to collaborate remotely?

  1. Communication. Effective communication is the key to enhance remote team collaboration.
  2. Clear Goals and Objectives.
  3. Support Each Other.
  4. Maintain Transparency.
  5. Virtual Team Building Activities.

Is this a result of work output, or a side-effect of the remote work environment? Whatever the reason, it is the responsibility of those facilitating remote collaboration to note differing outputs and find solutions in order to make such discrepancies a thing of the past. In an office setting, getting a hold of Jane in marketing is as simple as calling up the division or walking down to their wing. One of the biggest challenges anyone has to face when transitioning to working remotely is learning to accept that you have limited access to the other people on your team. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll definitely use some of them! And if I can suggest one tool that I like a lot, I’d say try .

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These remote tools keep all your important work and communication in one place—even when your team isn’t. When your team members are working in different locations, it can be easy for things to get disorganized or lost in the shuffle. Collaborative tools for remote teams help to keep all your remote workers’ deliverables, conversations and work organized in one place—even when your team is working in multiple places.

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